A Tribute to Judy Martin, Founder of WorkLife Nation

Judy martin

Judy Martin


This morning I am grieving for a woman I greatly admired. Judy Martin, founder of WorkLife Nation, has passed away at age  49. I had just spoken with Judy last week and included her thoughts in my article on mindfulness. At the time we spoke, Judy was at the hairdresser. She was happy and was recovering from knee surgery. She shared her thoughts about being present in the moment, and making small changes that can help with work life balance. She died suddenly on Friday. According to her sister's tweet, the cause of death was a brain bleed.

Judy and I became acquainted over social media and I admired her work to help others integrate their work and personal lives. We have shared many thoughts on work life balance over the years and because Judy was a TV news anchor, we came at the topic of balancing work and a personal life from the same perspective. Recently, Judy had focused on stress management, had become a consultant and had published articles on her stress management strategies. Judy said, "I teach business professionals the skills they need to take their stress down a notch."

This week, I reached out to Heidi Hanna, author of Stressaholic, on the topic of stress. I hadn't realized she was close friends with Judy and when I learned, we commiserated on the loss. Here's what Heidi shared with me: "She always did a great job sounding happy and energized but she had been struggling for some time with health challenges, none of which should have taken her life though.  I loved Judy very much and plan to do my best to keep her work alive, and even finish up some projects she was working on for her.  She was a brilliant and enlightened soul who left way too soon."

I completely agree. 

Judy, thank you for your contribution to the work life discussion, your efforts to improve workplace culture and your work to channel stress into creativity. You will be missed!

Some of Judy's recently published work:

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A tribute to Judy as a visionary leader by Lisa Petrilli.


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