Are business cards still worthwhile?


Here's a statement from that recently caught my attention: Business cards don't carry the same weight today as they did in the past, unless you're referring to how they weigh down the fishbowl at your local bistro from folks fishing for free lunches. True?

These days more of us are likely to connect via email or social media than by taking someone's business card and calling them. Yet, I have a stack of business cards sitting on my desk. I know I should do something with them, but that's just another to-do on my list.

For many of us, even in the digital age, meet-and-greets are important and getting someone's business card just seems like the logical result of a successful connection.

So, what's the next step?

I know there are scanners out there to put the cards into an electronic database but I find even that step to be time-consuming. A friend of mine recently hired someone to digitize all the business cards she accumulated at a recent conference. She said she did the time/cost equation and it made sense for her to outsource the job.

Recently,I read about a trend of people trading contact data by text. Even more, I've heard there's a new app that's coming out that will allow you to bump your smart phone against another person's and instantly swap electronic business cards. Wouldn't that be awesome?

I'd love to hear whether you think printed business cards are outdated and time consuming to organize. Do you prefer to get someone's name and friending them on Linked In or Facebook to communicate? Do you see a time in the near future when digital business cards are the only way to go?



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