Ensuring You Are Relevant in a Changing World

Welcome! We all know staying current is EVERYTHING these days. If you fail to keep up with trends and rapid change, it can hurt your career, affect your relationships and prevent you from being at the top of your game.

So, today is the official launch of Cindy Keeps Up, an evolution of my WorkLifeBalancingAct site. In my journey to stay relevant, I am on the frontline of change and bringing you along with me. It will be challenging, fun and hopefully pay off in all kinds of ways. For many years, I was BalanceGal, writing a weekly newspaper column on work life balance. That Cindy is not going away, she’s evolving to keep her career fresh and offer readers new¬† perspective.

Together, we are going to explore how to stay relevant in key areas of life such as career, relationships, health, money and technology. Don’t worry though. I will continue to write about work life balance and offer you the solutions you want and need to integrate your job and your personal life. Now, with insight on current trends, I will bring you even more ideas and solutions to help you get ahead in work and life.

Here’s to our journey together…may we be relevant, always!

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