Encourage more women on boards on 12-12-12

If we want products and services that reflect how we think and what we need, women should be concerned with companies that exclude us from their corporate boards. 

But this week, on 12/12/12 at 12 p.m. all of us can make a difference. Across the country, 2020 Women on Boards is hosting luncheons to rally support for their efforts to get more women on boards by 2020. In Florida, Women Executive Leadership is hosting the lunch event. Romaine Seguin, President of UPS Americas will speak about her experience as a Director and why it is so important for women to have representation in America's boardrooms.

I will be at the WEL event in Miami moderating the discussion and taking questions and suggestions from the audience for how to move the needle to see more women in leadership.

Lunch events will be going on in 27 cities and women and men have signed up to be part of this pretty cool event.  Sign up to be a part of the 12-12-12 event in your city.

Today, ION issued its 2012 Report on women's progress on corporate boards. The report, Follow the Leaders: It can Happen Here profiles 11 corporations that have experienced financial success and made boardroom gender diversity a high-priority business initiative.  Tomorrow, Catalyst issues its report: the Catalyst 2012 Census of Fortune 500: No Change for
Women in Top Leadership seven years and counting. 

Both reports show a lack of progress in moving the women into top leadership along with suggestions for change. Fortunately, we're seeing some attention on this very important issue!



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