Halloween is the work life balance breaking point for some working parents

If you're a working parent, chances are high you are nervous right about now. You are stressing over making it home in time to enjoy Halloween night with your children. Any small obstacle to your leaving at a decent hour becomes giant. 

This is make or break it night when it comes to flexibility and understanding.

Miss out on trick or treating and you will be resentful for the rest of the year.

As a news reporter, Halloween terrified me. What if a news story broke in the late afternoon? Would I get stuck tracking down sources and miss out on trekking through the neighborhood with my Thomas the Train or Indian Princess?

A friend of mine, a high powered lawyer, told me she once cried all the way home at 9 p.m. on the Halloween night after getting stuck at the office with a partner who demanded she stay and work with him on a legal brief. She quit a few months later to go to a smaller, more family-friendly firm. This year, she took the day off, just to make sure she would be home dusk.

My two older kids are teens. They no longer want to go door to door in costume. I now realize how little time we have to enjoy this holiday with our kids. I am thankful for having always been able to spend Halloween with my kids.

For all you parents stuck at work tonight, you have my sympathy. For all of you bosses, your behavior tonight toward working parents speaks volumes about how much you value them. Think wisely. Trick or treat?


The Work/Life Balancing Act

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