Is outsourcing the key to work life balance?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how a spouse can make or break your efforts to achieve work life balance. Marlo Struve emailed me to let me know what I wrote had hit home for her. She and her boyfriend have begun to find more ways to support each other. They also have found another key component to making their balancing act work.

Today, Marlo Struve is my guest blogger and she shares her secret for making that happen. 


Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 4.15.28 PMMy boyfriend and I recently moved in together and although I thought it would bring us closer together, we became passing ships in the night.  We both lead incredibly busy lives working at high profile startups. He’s a co-founder of a start up while I manage multiple projects at a different start up. So, how do we make time for each other while hundreds of emails are hitting our inbox?  

We’ve started outsourcing our lives.

A lot of women cite ‘outsourcing’ as a way to keep balance with a job, children, and their spouse. I believe this thinking can be applied to anyone who needs to make room for things that really matter. For example, my boyfriend and I order all of our groceries from an online delivery service, Instacart. We have all of our household goods and toiletries shipped home through Amazon.  I’m even looking for a company who will send me clothing on a monthly basis so I don’t have to shop.  All of this is in an effort to make my life easier so I can LIVE it as opposed to keep up with it.

Six months ago, my boyfriend also decided to try Homejoy to clean our apartment. Homejoy allows clients to book a professional cleaner online in seconds for $ 20 an hour. My boyfriend booked online and sent me the reminder email with the picture of our cleaner so I knew who to expect.  I absolutely loved the service and decided to book regular appointments.  The exciting thing was Homejoy was hiring and a month later I joined the team. The founders, the brother and sister team of Aaron and Adora Cheung, were searching for a cheap and reliable cleaning service and couldn’t find one without spending several hours on the phone. Their response was to create Homejoy.

Now, I work there and I continue to use the service. The best part is that because my boyfriend and I spend less time cleaning, we have more time for date night. Outsourcing has given me the freedom to use my time the way I want to spend it — instead of scrubbing the kitchen sink!


Homejoy Founders_Aaron and Adora
 Homejoy founders Aaron and Adora Cheung


The Work/Life Balancing Act

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