Leap day: Do we really get extra time?



Ahhhh….Leap Day. I want to believe that it means I get an extra day to get more done, but the week goes on as usual.

For those of you who earn a salary, you might consider it an extra day of work — a day you're slaving away for free. Here's what's happening: Most workers get a set salary for a typical year, which is usually 365 days. But there's an extra day this year so employers are getting more from you.  

Dale Carnegie Training's Michael Crom suggests taking a more positive spin: "This gives employees an additional day to excel and an opportunity to have 24 more hours to really focus on what they want to accomplish in the month of February."

When pondering Leap Day, my pal Laura Vanderkam asks:  Wouldn’t it have been fun if we did get an extra-calendar day? Monday, Tuesday, Leap Day, Wednesday… What would you do if someone gave you a bonus day? Laura says she had a realization:  "If people had more time, they’d do exactly the same things they do now. If you don’t find time for reflection or adventures in a 365-day year, you won’t find time in a 366-day year either."

So readers, I ask you: Are you choosing to spend your time in ways your find meaningful or enjoyable? If not, what can you do to change up your routine? 

On this "bonus day" I've decided I'm going to stop cramming more of the same into my scheduled life and open myself to more of the new. I was invited to play Bunco tonight. My first reaction was "How ridiculous! I don't have time for that!" The truth is, I have no idea how to play, nor do I know many of the women in the group that invited me. Why not open myself to meeting new people and learning new things? Four years from now, when Leap Day comes around again, I want to feel like I'm doing more than treading water to keep up with work and family. I want to feel like I made time for new experiences.

Readers, do you see today as a bonus day to have more fun — or just another day of work?



The Work/Life Balancing Act

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