Miami Heat players says health scare led to better work life balance


Chris bosh


Sometimes, it takes a health scare to make us reflect on our lives. 

For Miami Heat's Chris Bosh, it was a blood clot. 

Last week, after the Miami Heat's basketball season ended and the rest of the players were cleaning out their lockers and doing exit interviews, Chris Bosh spoke to the media and said he was coming back next season way better than ever. While the other players seemed worn out, Bosh was upbeat and talked about his new perspective on the game of basketball and the game of life. 

In February, Bosh had been diagnosed with a blood clot and landed in the hospital. Bosh said he played with blood clots in his lungs for "three weeks probably" before being diagnosed. While lying in a hospital bed with clotted blood stopping up his lungs, he thought his career might be over. It gave him time to think and realize how much he missed basketball when he wasn't playing.

Bosh told the media that stepping back and taking time off allowed for reflection. "I needed to recharge my passion because I was getting beat down a little bit over the last four years," he said. 

Many of us forget how important it is to recharge. We push on, and on, until we find ourselves off our game. Life and all its stresses just add up. And while we might not be able to make those stressors go away, we can take a step back and force ourselves to reflect and recharge. 

Finding work life balance is not an easy feat but we can't wait until we're lying in a hospital bed to realize that prioritizing time for ourselves is not a luxury but a necessity. 

I think Chris Bosh realized the importance of down time and balance and putting your health first. Now, he is back with his team and ready to win. The rest of us need to approach life the same way, and surely, then, we will win too.

The Work/Life Balancing Act

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