Summer means relaxing. So why are we so busy planning?


I feel the heat on my skin when I go outside and know I should be at beach, taking long walks or figuring out some other way to kick back this summer. But so far, I'm in full gear. And, all around me, people are making plans and asking about my plans.

Where are you going on vacation? What summer projects are you tackling? What are your plans for July 4th?

When all of us get so wrapped up in making plans?

I had plans. In May, I made a list of projects I want to complete this summer. Yes, I had plans. Today, I re-wrote the list. I may re-write it again. While it's helpful to have lists and plans, I'm starting to think we're a society that's forgeting how to live in the moment.  

Today, I read  a piece about summer being the ideal time for business owners to plan for a busy fall and winter. While that strategy sounds great, what about planning for some time off, to bring some work life balance to your life.

Apparently workers who made vacation plans, already are changing them. The Wall Street Journal reports a full 87% of respondents in their survey said they have changed their vacation plans for work. Meanwhile, 98% of respondents said they checked their wireless devices while away and 51% admitted to checking in continually while they were supposed to be basking in the sun.

Why can't we relax?

Are we becoming obsessed with productivity and being busy all the time? Does it make you anxious to think about waking up and having no plans for the day, none at all?

I've heard managers drone on about how planning for success makes success more likely to happen. But I love one blogger's take on making plans, setting goals:  "

"It’s probably not going work out the way you envision it will.  They rarely tell you that you have to be willing to stray from the plan and ride the wave in the direction it's taking you. They didn’t tell you that with your mind set on a certain future, you’ve just written limitation into your life."

I challenge you. Allow yourself one day this summer to wake up with no plans at all. Take away the limitations, the expectations and see where the day takes you. For one day, anything is possible. Can you do it? I'm going to try.  

The Work/Life Balancing Act

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