What work life perks would make your life easier?

Almost weekly, I read about a company that has been one of the best places to work by a magazine or an organization. Some of them have amazing perks and I find myself saying, “Wow, I’d love to work there!” It has made me think about what perks I find most appealing.

Some companies offer onsite day care, making life easier for working parents. Others offer onsite gyms, making it easy to fit exercise into the work day. Then there are those companies that offer massages, merchandise discounts, and unlimited vacation.

As a working mother, I most value a flexible schedule. When I need to come in a little later to attend a parent teacher conference or leave early to take my child trick or treating, having a manager that will allow me some flexibility in my work hours makes all the difference in balancing work and family. To me, that’s the best perk.

My friend who just had a baby values paid parental leave. She is thrilled that her employer not only made her feel comfortable about taking three months off, but also paid her for most of it.  She says that’s the perk that will keep her loyal.

Clearly, the perks we care about depend on our individual circumstances. But there are some that everyone can appreciate.  One company I read about offers on-site employee concierge to handle all of life’s chores. Concierges send packages and flowers, pick up groceries, shop around for the best deals on car insurance, take your car in for service including oil changes, and even stand in line for concert tickets. Now that’s a perk that can help all of us better balance our lives!

While it’s nice to be spoiled by our employers, smart companies use perks to drive engagement. They want us to be happy coming to work and give our jobs our full effort. Sure, salary is a big factor in our job satisfaction, but the right perks can keep us from leaving, or lure us to another employer.

So, it may be time to think about what perks matter most to you. What’s your favorite perk where you work? What perk would be so enticing that you would change jobs to get it?

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