When the boss is on vacation, are you?

                                               Boss on vacation

A friend has been going in a little later to work, dressing a little more casual, taking longer lunches, leaving a little earlier….

The reason is her boss is on vacation. She sees his absence as a mini vacation for her, too.  I can understand that line of thinking. But, I'm not sure I agree with it. To me, work ethic is self generated. Either you're a responsible worker, or you're not. I wouldn't want my boss to feel as if I took advantage or as if no one was minding the store. I also look at the boss going on vacation as an opportunity for my friend to show her traits as a leader and advance her prospects with others at the company.

Some studies have found that workers are more productive when their boss goes on vacation, because being micro-managed isn’t slowing them down. 

My friend argues that she deserves the leniency. During the year, she puts in long hours. She says the combination of summer and her boss being on vacation signals an opportunity to regain some personal time. I do understand that line of thinking, and I feel like it's okay to kick back a little. But I also feel like my friend's boss deserves to go on his summer vacation without worrying that his staff is slacking off.

What are your thoughts? When the boss is away, is it time to play?

The Work/Life Balancing Act

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