Will we ever find work life balance while we’re juggling many balls?

I juggle a lot —  marriage, children, work, volunteering, friends. It's a choice. I know that one day, I
won't have much to juggle and frankly, that scares me. But sometimes, I'm juggling so much, that I feel like I'm doing nothing right.

I wonder how many other people feel that way….

I just read a blog post by Luly B that hit right on point. She writes: "Sorry, I am not a professional juggler! Sometimes, I am going to say no to a play date for my kids. I am going to say no to a happy hour networker. I am going to sign up to bring the “easy” stuff at school. And sometimes, I will say “I can’t do that right now.” I don’t care to be seen as the amazing juggler of fifteen balls. I don’t need a gold star on my chest. I am not going on some special honor roll. I just want peace. I just want to be happy."

If you stopped juggling as much and set some of the balls down, what would happen? Would you be happier? I don't think I would be.

Lately, I've realized that I enjoy juggling. If I were to sit in the audience and watch someone else performing, I'd be bored. I want to participate. I'm addicted to juggling. I need to feel the high of accomplishing many things at the same time. It makes me happy.

That doesn't mean I need to juggle 10 balls. I just need to find the right amount and figure out when to put one ball down to pick up another so I can feel like I'm getting it right more often.

Do you need to have many balls in the air to feel good about yourself? Are you willing to try setting one of the balls down to find more balance?

The Work/Life Balancing Act

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