You are where you work: Linked In boosts morale with cubicle decor contest

 For about a decade, I worked in a cluttered newsroom on a cluttered street where homeless people often made their way to our front desk. It was interesting and homey. I decorated my desk to look like Cindy Crawford's with a huge Cindy, Inc. logo on top. A few years later, I relocated to a new office in the suburbs with brand new furniture and cubicles and a "no decoration" policy. I never felt quite as creative at work.

To me, You Are Where You Work. By that, I mean that your surroundings, the feel of the office and the mood of the people around you, play a role in your productivity and mindset.

Decorating office spaces with all the creativity and inspiration employees can muster is a time honored tradition at LinkedIn. Recently, the company announced the winning cubicles from this year’s “Space Lift” competition.  The company said 204 teams from 18 offices around the world participated in the cubicle decoration contest.

"The “lifted” spaces are shining examples of LinkedIn's culture of collaboration, humor and transformation," says MaryAnne Viegelmann on her blog post which shares some of the winning designs.

One of the winning teams this year was LinkedIn's Campus Recruiting Team. Their, "In the Clouds," entry (complete with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, a plane and a sun made out of school pennants), took top honors in the, "Out of this World," category. Personally, I liked the Musical Journey decor that the Omaha, Nebraska office went with — very colorful and uplifting!

Here's the link to the blog post: "LinkedIn Cribs: From Pirates of LinkedIn to Mini GolfIn [SLIDESHOW]."

Check out the slideshow, it might spark some creativity and changes in your office:


LinkedIn does a few more things in addition to the "Space Lift" competition to boost morale in summertime — it has Food Truck Fridays, a free food program for employees, Fro Yo machines, free meditation, yoga, TRX and Zumba classes.

It seems like LinkedIn would be a fun place to work, for many reasons. Polls always show employee's top concern is their paycheck. But, I have to wonder, is it really just compensation that keeps employees motivated or do you think these kinds of contests and extras help with morale?


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